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New DJ mix – Tooths Takeaway 005 (Root Canal Surgery mix)

The lovely Martin Peralta of Tooths asked me to do a DJ mix, and accidentally praised me for the eclectic nature of my Utility Fog playlists.
I have finally put it together (live in Traktor, after a bunch of practice runs) and I think it's pretty ace! And it's as eclectic as fuck.
It's just called Tooths Takeaway 005, but I've dubbed it the Root Canal Surgery mix.

Here's the Tooths post, and you can listen here:

Tooths T/A 005 – Utility Fog by Tooths on Mixcloud

You can also download the mix (~ 120 MB)

Full tracklisting/timings:
[00:00] Swans – Sex God Sex (live, 2011)
[04:19] Objekt – The Goose That Got Away
[05:17] Sunship Feat Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Vocal Mix)
[06:53] The Bug feat. Flowdan – Stampin
[08:30] Dokkebi Q – Hardcore Cherry Bon Bon
[11:30] Dro Carey – Foes, Gallons n Fathoms (overlaid earlier)
[12:35] Filastine – Colony Collapse (with Nova)
[17:25] Dictaphone – Rattle feat. Mariechen Danz
[23:00] Child – Bad Timing (overlaid over most of the Dictaphone track)
[24:30] Zammuto – Harlequin
[29:25] Four Tet – Glue of the Other World (overlaid over most of the Zammuto track)
[31:16] Can – Vitamin C
[34:24] Manyfingers – You're No Siren feat. Chris Adams & Liz Sharkey
[38:24] Hrvatski – Apostle
[41:59] Richard Youngs – Fire Horse Rising
[44:29] Azealia Banks – 212 ft. Lazy Jay
[46:08] Oceania – Mantra
[48:35] Icarus – Dumptruck Cannibals (version 029)
[50:50] Shoeb Ahmad – The Orchids
[54:18] Charles Hayward – Fifth Of November
[60:36] Swans – Sex God Sex (live, 2011)

Home – a journey by DJ mix

Angela & I are becoming first home owners this week, and in celebration and amongst the madness of moving (boxes everywhere, last-minute delays, culling of vinyl and even *gasp* CDs), I've compiled a special DJ mix for the occasion.

I love making radio and I love creativeness, so DJ mixes are a natural for me. The last one I did was freeform in terms of theme, and I tried to give it a great flow despite great diversity.

There's certainly a lot of diversity here too. I've taken the theme of Home literally — it's 20(ish) tracks, every one of which has the word "Home" in its title. Other than starting with "Leaving Home" and ending with "Coming Home to the Sun", the flow is purely music-driven. I've allowed a lot of the songs to go pretty long, because it's meant to be a bit of a journey and it's entirely self-indulgent. Full tracklisting below.

Download it here:
Home – journey by DJ mix [53:50 / 92.4MB]

[00:00] The Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
[01:45] Blitter vs Hrvatski – Nuclear Cats Get New Home
[03:50] Colin Stetson – Home
[06:08] Various Production – Home / Various Production – Home (edit)
[09:51] Pop Will Eat Itself – Home
[13:15] Hood – Home Is Where It Hurts
[16:59] Clint Mansell – We're Going Home
[18:28] Depeche Mode – Home (Jedi Knights Drowning In Time Remix)
[19:50] The Flashbulb – Hometown UFO
[22:48] David McComb & Adam Peters – Don't Go Home With Your Hard-on
[26:08] Broadcast – Message From Home
[28:00] Savath + Savalas – Journey's Homes
[29:22] John Fahey – Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
[31:40] Shearwater – Home Life
[35:58] The Twilight Sad – That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy
[39:45] Peter Broderick – Not At Home
[42:23] b.fleischmann – A Letter From Home
[43:28] Block Party – Where Is Home? (Burial Remix)
[45:27] Arthur Russell – Home Away From Home
[46:07] David Holmes – Coming Home To The Sun
(with thanks to Leonard Cohen & Phil Spector for bonus bit)

Here's a slightly ugly way of playing in page via Mixcloud, because Soundcloud are waaaay too assiduous about pursuing copyright:

Home – a journey by DJ mix by Raven on Mixcloud

(see above for download link!)

DJ mix for Micronations – "Nanostates"

I've done a DJ mix for Andrew Tuttle aka Anonymeye's Micronations mix series.
Unfortunately his hosting provider of choice, the redoutable Soundcloud, are watching over us, and refused to accept my mix because they recognize one of the (shortest) excerpts as copyrighted. Way to go. So you can download it instead from here:
Micronations mix series: Raven – Nanostates

And here's the blurb and tracklisting. Please enjoy and if you do, please spread the word!

Peter Hollo takes you on a world tour of his current musical listening – plus a few classics that slipped in because they sound so good.
Sounds you might hear on his late Sunday night show Utility Fog on Sydney's FBi Radio, plus an as-yet-unreleased remix of his infamous FourPlay String Quartet.
We we we so excited.

[00:00] Omara Portuondo – La Sitiera
[01:42] Atomâ„¢ feat. Tea Time – Love Story
[03:01] Die Antwoord – Fish Paste
[03:26] They Might Be Giants – The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix)
[04:40] Colin Stetson – Fear of the unknown and the blazing sun feat. Laurie Anderson, Shara Worden
[07:02] Shit&Shine – Fuck You Folk Singers
[08:47] NoMeansNo – It's Catching Up
[10:33] Himuro Yoshiteru – Start It
[13:04] B.Dolan – The Reptilian Agenda
[14:59] Sage Francis – Dance Monkey
[16:24] Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop (Rap) / Never Stop
[18:29] Chilly Gonzales vs Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (from Chilly Gonzales' Pianist Envy mixtape)
[20:36] The Bad Plus – Never Stop
[24:12] PIVIXKI – Konx
[24:55] Igorrr – Brutal Swing
[26:13] Simo Soo – I Smashed My Face (Collarbones remix)
[27:42] Collarbones – Closer
[29:58] James Blake – Footnotes
[32:25] FourPlay String Quartet – You've Changed Your Tune (Cleptoclectics remix) [forthcoming]
[34:47] <ends>