DJ mix for Micronations – "Nanostates"

I've done a DJ mix for Andrew Tuttle aka Anonymeye's Micronations mix series.
Unfortunately his hosting provider of choice, the redoutable Soundcloud, are watching over us, and refused to accept my mix because they recognize one of the (shortest) excerpts as copyrighted. Way to go. So you can download it instead from here:
Micronations mix series: Raven – Nanostates

And here's the blurb and tracklisting. Please enjoy and if you do, please spread the word!

Peter Hollo takes you on a world tour of his current musical listening – plus a few classics that slipped in because they sound so good.
Sounds you might hear on his late Sunday night show Utility Fog on Sydney's FBi Radio, plus an as-yet-unreleased remix of his infamous FourPlay String Quartet.
We we we so excited.

[00:00] Omara Portuondo – La Sitiera
[01:42] Atom™ feat. Tea Time – Love Story
[03:01] Die Antwoord – Fish Paste
[03:26] They Might Be Giants – The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix)
[04:40] Colin Stetson – Fear of the unknown and the blazing sun feat. Laurie Anderson, Shara Worden
[07:02] Shit&Shine – Fuck You Folk Singers
[08:47] NoMeansNo – It's Catching Up
[10:33] Himuro Yoshiteru – Start It
[13:04] B.Dolan – The Reptilian Agenda
[14:59] Sage Francis – Dance Monkey
[16:24] Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop (Rap) / Never Stop
[18:29] Chilly Gonzales vs Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (from Chilly Gonzales' Pianist Envy mixtape)
[20:36] The Bad Plus – Never Stop
[24:12] PIVIXKI – Konx
[24:55] Igorrr – Brutal Swing
[26:13] Simo Soo – I Smashed My Face (Collarbones remix)
[27:42] Collarbones – Closer
[29:58] James Blake – Footnotes
[32:25] FourPlay String Quartet – You've Changed Your Tune (Cleptoclectics remix) [forthcoming]
[34:47] <ends>

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