Home – a journey by DJ mix

Angela & I are becoming first home owners this week, and in celebration and amongst the madness of moving (boxes everywhere, last-minute delays, culling of vinyl and even *gasp* CDs), I've compiled a special DJ mix for the occasion.

I love making radio and I love creativeness, so DJ mixes are a natural for me. The last one I did was freeform in terms of theme, and I tried to give it a great flow despite great diversity.

There's certainly a lot of diversity here too. I've taken the theme of Home literally — it's 20(ish) tracks, every one of which has the word "Home" in its title. Other than starting with "Leaving Home" and ending with "Coming Home to the Sun", the flow is purely music-driven. I've allowed a lot of the songs to go pretty long, because it's meant to be a bit of a journey and it's entirely self-indulgent. Full tracklisting below.

Download it here:
Home – journey by DJ mix [53:50 / 92.4MB]

[00:00] The Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
[01:45] Blitter vs Hrvatski – Nuclear Cats Get New Home
[03:50] Colin Stetson – Home
[06:08] Various Production – Home / Various Production – Home (edit)
[09:51] Pop Will Eat Itself – Home
[13:15] Hood – Home Is Where It Hurts
[16:59] Clint Mansell – We're Going Home
[18:28] Depeche Mode – Home (Jedi Knights Drowning In Time Remix)
[19:50] The Flashbulb – Hometown UFO
[22:48] David McComb & Adam Peters – Don't Go Home With Your Hard-on
[26:08] Broadcast – Message From Home
[28:00] Savath + Savalas – Journey's Homes
[29:22] John Fahey – Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
[31:40] Shearwater – Home Life
[35:58] The Twilight Sad – That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy
[39:45] Peter Broderick – Not At Home
[42:23] b.fleischmann – A Letter From Home
[43:28] Block Party – Where Is Home? (Burial Remix)
[45:27] Arthur Russell – Home Away From Home
[46:07] David Holmes – Coming Home To The Sun
(with thanks to Leonard Cohen & Phil Spector for bonus bit)

Here's a slightly ugly way of playing in page via Mixcloud, because Soundcloud are waaaay too assiduous about pursuing copyright:

Home – a journey by DJ mix by Raven on Mixcloud

(see above for download link!)

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