DJ mix for Absorb

Hey, here's a DJ mix I did for Kavil @ Absorb, a Naarm-based internet radio show, label, event and more – check the show out on Skylab Radio, check the brilliant first compilation out on Bandcamp. Huge thanks to Kavil for inviting me!

The mix is called state of my head right now. It's a a "heady" mix of head-nodding beats, sound-art, varieties of experimental song, jungle, noise and more.

Kavil / Absorb · E11 – Peter Hollo: State Of My Head Right Now

If you want to listen to this on your preferred device, hit me up for a high-quality download.

Made on a Pioneer DDJ-1000 with rekordbox on 30/01/2023
Track times are when the track first drops – tracks are heavily overlaid, and some are only heard mixed through another track.

[00:00] amorphous androgynous – swab
[02:05] An Avrin – Clodhopper
[04:06] Blawan – Blika
[05:34] Tristan Arp – Oddkin
[07:13] Lila Tirando a Violeta & Nicola Cruz – Cuerpo que Flota
[09:45] Atrice – Invertebrate
[10:59] مريم صالح, تامر أبو غزالة, موريس لوقا = maryam saleh, tamer abu ghazaleh, maurice louca – الشهوة والصور = el shahwa wel soarr
[13:14] Lia Kohl – Moon Bean
[14:57] luigi archetti / bo wiget – stück 17
[19:11] Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden – Other side
[19:32] Lea Bertucci – Brass (II)
[23:10] Neinzer – Cause Pan Tact Insoluble
[26:22] Sijya – Another Thing
[28:36] Putrika – Monologue
[32:24] dgoHn – Ninnyhammer (Djrum Remix)
[35:32] dgoHn – Invisible Sandwich
[36:00] Wordcolour – Babble
[38:00] Olivier Alary & Johannes Malfatti – I Can't Even See Myself
[40:56] Fatak, Romance Relic, Tettix Hexer – To The Beauty Of Being
[45:25] Burning Star Core – Beauty Hunter
[46:40] Sightless Pit – Calcified Glass (feat YoshimiO & Gangsta Boo)
[48:32] Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Two
[52:47] YATTA – Fully Lost, Fully Found
[56:04] raven – Tivoli cottage, night-time

Cover image is a painting by Max Ernst. It's called "Young Man, Troubled by the Flight of a Non-Euclidean Fly" which I think is as awesome as the artwork itself.

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