New DJ mix – Tooths Takeaway 005 (Root Canal Surgery mix)

The lovely Martin Peralta of Tooths asked me to do a DJ mix, and accidentally praised me for the eclectic nature of my Utility Fog playlists.
I have finally put it together (live in Traktor, after a bunch of practice runs) and I think it's pretty ace! And it's as eclectic as fuck.
It's just called Tooths Takeaway 005, but I've dubbed it the Root Canal Surgery mix.

Here's the Tooths post, and you can listen here:

Tooths T/A 005 – Utility Fog by Tooths on Mixcloud

You can also download the mix (~ 120 MB)

Full tracklisting/timings:
[00:00] Swans – Sex God Sex (live, 2011)
[04:19] Objekt – The Goose That Got Away
[05:17] Sunship Feat Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Vocal Mix)
[06:53] The Bug feat. Flowdan – Stampin
[08:30] Dokkebi Q – Hardcore Cherry Bon Bon
[11:30] Dro Carey – Foes, Gallons n Fathoms (overlaid earlier)
[12:35] Filastine – Colony Collapse (with Nova)
[17:25] Dictaphone – Rattle feat. Mariechen Danz
[23:00] Child – Bad Timing (overlaid over most of the Dictaphone track)
[24:30] Zammuto – Harlequin
[29:25] Four Tet – Glue of the Other World (overlaid over most of the Zammuto track)
[31:16] Can – Vitamin C
[34:24] Manyfingers – You're No Siren feat. Chris Adams & Liz Sharkey
[38:24] Hrvatski – Apostle
[41:59] Richard Youngs – Fire Horse Rising
[44:29] Azealia Banks – 212 ft. Lazy Jay
[46:08] Oceania – Mantra
[48:35] Icarus – Dumptruck Cannibals (version 029)
[50:50] Shoeb Ahmad – The Orchids
[54:18] Charles Hayward – Fifth Of November
[60:36] Swans – Sex God Sex (live, 2011)

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