Watch Raven live on Radio National!

A few weeks ago I was invited to appear on ABC Radio National's Breakfast show, which is being guest-hosted by Julian Morrow (of Chaser fame) over the summer, to discuss my "album of the year". As listeners to Utility Fog may guess, choosing one album is a matter of some existential pain for me, but I ended up nominating Sufjan StevensAge of Adz, which is just about radio friendly enough to suit a breakfast show :)

They also kindly asked me to bring my cello along, and even though I was perhaps there more as a representative of FourPlay than as Raven, I played a rendition of "It's too fucking hot, but we've still got melody". You can view it on their site, and it's also on their excellent YouTube channel:

I shortened the piece a bit for radio, but you get the idea. No laptop involved in this one, just looping. The full recorded version can be found on the stumble ep.