Raven on Radio National, Friday January 7th

ABC Radio National’s been taken over by the weirdos for the summer, and a wonderful thing it is! I got to go in to RN Breakfast a couple of weeks ago and talk to The Chaser's Julian Morrow, who's holding the seat warm for Fran Kelly over the summer break. I talked about my "favourite album of the year" — impossible to choose one, especially a breakfast-friendly one, but I did alright: listen here.

More importantly for the Raven-ous side of things, The Night Air has taken over the evenings for January (at least 8:30-10pm or something), and Brent Clough has invited me to play a set, so listen in around:
9pm, Friday January 7th
to hear Raven playing live on Radio National! I think I'll play about 3 tracks and have a chat as well.

  1. We weirdos are looking forward to having you on the show on Friday, Peter. Takes one to know one as they say :cool:

  2. *heh* Thanks Catherine – I am certainly including myself among the weirdos. Looking forward to it!

    On another note, I'm not sure where those smileys came from, and the fact that they're there but WordPress doesn't show them in the comments is… weird.

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