Raven on Radio National, Friday January 7th

ABC Radio National’s been taken over by the weirdos for the summer, and a wonderful thing it is! I got to go in to RN Breakfast a couple of weeks ago and talk to The Chaser's Julian Morrow, who's holding the seat warm for Fran Kelly over the summer break. I talked about my "favourite album of the year" — impossible to choose one, especially a breakfast-friendly one, but I did alright: listen here.

More importantly for the Raven-ous side of things, The Night Air has taken over the evenings for January (at least 8:30-10pm or something), and Brent Clough has invited me to play a set, so listen in around:
9pm, Friday January 7th
to hear Raven playing live on Radio National! I think I'll play about 3 tracks and have a chat as well.