Music Over Distance

Very pleased to have a track on this wonderful new compilation, put together by Richard Adams of The Declining Winter. I'm collaborating here with the amazing Katie English aka IsnajDui. The idea is for musicians in COVID-19 isolation to collaborate across different households (or indeed continents). And it's a fundraiser for PPE for NHS workers.

It's an awesome collection featuring various Hood alumni along with Richard – his brother Chris aka Bracken, Andrew Johnson aka a new line, related, Craig Tattersall in various aliases, and then fellow Aussie Jason Sweeney, Benoît Pioulard, The Leaf Library, Cédric Pin & Glenn Johnson of Piano Magic and many others…

I was blown away to see this review in The Quietus, which chose ours as one of the standout tracks:

‘Without Dwelling’ is just under six minutes of muted synths, harrowing strings and dissonant flute. It really hammers home what living in isolation feels like. There is strident paranoia that permeates it. It’s that feel you get every time you leave the house for some exercise or a quick trip to get essential food. A thousand eyes behind curtains, judging you. However, there is also something warming to ‘Without Dwelling’. As with real paranoia you can cast if off and realise that no one is judging you, they just want to say hello outside in the open like we used to.

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