New collaborations!

Two recent collaborations recently saw the light of day on SoundCloud.

I've known Philippe Petit "on the internet" for yonks, and finally got to meet him when he came to Sydney in January. We played a set together and wanted to continue the musical dialogue. Hence this first work, which for now I've called Opus 1:

We are working on bringing Philippe back to Australia in the near future.

Meanwhile, in May this year I took part in a gig as part of UTS's Diffuse series at the Bon Marche Studio, with a focus on improv. We decided to play continuously, with each performer playing approximately 5 minutes each with approximately 5 minute duos as segues. Presented here is my "15 minutes of fame", with my entry in the denoument of Gail Priest's wonderful feedback-with-glasses-of-water segment, through my looped solo cello scrapes and squeaks and smacks, joined by Alon Ilsar's amazing gesture-controlled sound processing and live beats, until I bowed out. It was a pretty inspiring experience.

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