Latest track: "the deafening clamour of distant cars"

The excellent Ears Have Ears on FBi (presenter Brooke Olsen and producer Scarlett Di Maio) recently asked me to contribute to their series of experimental soundtracks. My trio Haunts created one a month or so back (listen to Night Begins on SoundCloud), and they have a stack of other awesome Australian artists up on their SoundCloud.

I created a new 12 minute Raven track featuring piano recorded in our living room, with the sound leaking up from one of Sydney's busiest roads, plus cello, electronics and beats. Initially formed from unstructured piano improv, it took shape as additional layers of piano and piano processing, then melodic and noisy cello, and finally pulsing sub-bass and 808s were added in to the mix. The result is something I'm pretty proud of, and a direction I want to explore more in coming months.
Listen here:

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