New music on the horizon + listen to Haunts

I'm writing new Raven music as we speak! (Well, almost)
I've written a new cello looping track as a soundtrack for an animation piece to launch the Sydney International Animation Festival at UTS this week. I should be able to air it soon.

And I'm creating a 10-15 minute work for FBi's lovely Ears Have Ears, who have regular new works, mostly performed live, on their Thursday 9-11pm timeslot. You can hear mine on Thursday the 1st of November.

Raven is playing live on Friday the 26th of October with Gilded (aka Perth's Adam Trainer & Matt Rösner), Seaworthy and Pimmon at new venue 107 Projects Redfern. Stellar lineup. Here's the Facebook event. Note it's an early start and finish for this one! I'm on just after 7pm.

And I shouldn't neglect my collaborations here. I'm very excited to be continuing my duo with Ollie Bown of Icarus. We'll be playing one of our improv sets (cello, loops, effects and laptop) at the legendary, shambolic Sando in Newtown on Thursday the 25th of October. Facebook event here – crazy eclectic lineup, should be fun!

And then there's my trio Haunts with Greg & Matt from Underlapper, who've been companions in music – both fandom and performance – for years. It's brilliant to be turning this into a real band, and we have some great songs with crunchy beats, glitchy sounds, vocals and cello loops coming soon. Meanwhile, here's a long track we recorded live on the aforementioned Ears Have Ears a month or so ago:

Haunts' gig has been delayed ‐ now we have Thursday the 29th of November at the Red Rattler in Marrickville as a fund-raiser for Dirty Shirlows, and then Saturday the 1st of December at, er, "secret venue", with ex-Underlapperer Cold House and electronic ambient-techno genius Gentleforce. Facebook event should eventually tell you more.

And finally, I played cello on Sophie Hutchings' amazing new album Night Sky, and we're launching that at Cafe Church (Colbourne Ave) in Glebe on Friday the 2nd of November. Facebook event? You betcha!

Oh yeah, and post-finally… On Sunday the 11th of November I'm playing cello in two of the works in the Radio With Pictures even at this year's Graphic Festival. Radio plays with comics and soundtracks. I have no idea what I'll be playing! Isn't that exciting!

SO MANY GIGS. SO MANY MES! (and yes, FourPlay will return next year…)

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