Video: Raven live at Pablo & Rusty's, Epping, 30.07.11

For those who missed last night's gig (see previous post), or who want to relive a little bit of it, Paul Threthni has posted some pics and also took this video of my last piece, an as-yet-unnamed loop pedal and cello piece:

It's missing the stupendous bass warmth and general wondrousness of the sound at the venue, but it's pretty good sounding for a camera video, and I'm glad to be able to present one of my newest pieces ‐ I'm pretty proud of it. Now for a name…

  1. I have missed it.. :(

    Question is.. why wasn't I aware, I thought of me as being your greatest fan! fark! ;-)

  2. Aw Seb! I'm sorry, it was up on the Utility Fog blog and everything. Hope you like the track above.

    If you're free on Tuesday night I'm playing two sets (same set twice) over the evening at the Jurassic Lounge, the gig night at the Australian Museum.
    It says DJ but it's actually live Raven…

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