raven is the solo musical project of me, Peter Hollo. Started as a response to my growing fandom of idm and experimental electronica in about 1997, raven continues to reflect my musical interests, which can be seen in some detail via my radio show Utility Fog.
Tools include cello, piano, loop pedals and laptop programming/processing.

Music of mine can be heard and commented on at SoundCloud, and heard and (even) purchased at Bandcamp.
And, of course, here — in particular, a whole lot of older tracks can be downloaded from this first post (NB: links fixed)!

I released the album New resolution on Bandcamp at the beginning of 2013, collecting all the music I made during 2012.
My 3" CD the stumble (a 4 track EP) was released by the CURT label. The CD is sold out, but it is still available digitally from Bandcamp for a bargainy AUD$4!
Tracks from the EP were featured at the beginning of Tim Ritchie's Sound Quality and Paul Gough's Quiet Space, and have also received airplay on Sydney's FBi.
A track from the same time is available via hellosQuare on a free digital release here on Bandcamp, and a recent track is on the free digital compilation SEQUENCE4 from Futuresequence.

I also play cello in the acclaimed, long-lived FourPlay String Quartet, post-everything improv group Tangents with members of Icarus, 3ofmillions and Spartak, and the indietronica trio Haunts with two of the members of Underlapper.

I've played on recordings and live with such musicians as:
Shoeb Ahmad, Oren Ambarchi, Ollie Bown, Deborah Conway, Heidi Elva, Funkenbubble/Kabel, Gauche, Gerling, Glovebox, the Hinterlandt Arkestra, Sophie Hutchings, Karma County, Jimmy Little, Manyfingers, Monsieur Camembert, Ollo, Part Timer, Paul Mac, Purdy, Saddleback, the Stiff Gins, Sub Bass Snarl, Holly Throsby, Tooth, Waikiki, The Whitlams, X

I have a blog, a tumblr and a Twitter.