raven is the solo musical project of Peter Hollo, cellist in FourPlay String Quartet, Tangents and many other ensembles. Started as a response to his growing fandom of idm and experimental electronic music in about 1997, raven continues to reflect his musical interests, which can be seen in some detail via his radio show Utility Fog.
Tools include cello, piano, found objects, looping and other fx pedals and laptop programming/processing.

raven releases are available on Bandcamp, and miscellaneous tracks can be found streaming on SoundCloud.
An archive of much older, mostly electronic tracks can be found in this post.
A track from the same time as the first raven EP is available via hellosQuare on a free digital release here on Bandcamp.

In addition to his bands, Peter is known for countless collaborations, including regular appearances live & recorded with Sophie Hutchings and Close to Forever, as well as:
a live improvisation on the stage of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall with Lisa Gerrard (view on YouTube);
a live solo accompaniment to an exclusive hallucinatory prose-poem by Grant Morrison, also in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall;
live and recorded work with:
Oren Ambarchi, Exhibitionist, Setec, Manyfingers, X, Shoeb Ahmad, Ollie Bown, Deborah Conway, Funkenbubble/Kabel, Gerling, the Hinterlandt Arkestra, Karma County, Jimmy Little, Monsieur Camembert, Ollo, Part Timer, Paul Mac, Purdy, the Stiff Gins, Sub Bass Snarl, Holly Throsby, Tooth, Waikiki, The Whitlams

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